Development of Religion

Humanoids Search of God


Due to the many unknowns which faced the early humanoids and before the development of languages and before development of proper interactions, humanoids were looking for the external powers which control all what is happening around. As humanoids developed their questions increased, they started first by looking around them, trees, animals, nature and then to the sky. A number of scholars have suggested that the evolution of language was a prerequisite for the origin of religion.[16] Philip Lieberman states "[h]uman religious thought and moral sense clearly rest on a cognitive-linguistic base," and that the presence of burial and grave artifacts indicate that early humans had distinctive cognitive abilities different from chimpanzees.[8] From this, science writer Nicholas Wade concludes that religious behavior was present in human populations preceding the out of Africa migration some 60,000years ago.[17][16. Some scholars have suggested that religion is genetically "hardwired" into the human condition. One controversial hypothesis, the God gene hypothesis, states that some human beings bear a gene which gives them a predisposition to episodes interpreted as religious revelation. One gene claimed to be of this nature is VMAT2. This is a developed gene and was not original in the early humanoids. Also the migratory roads out of Africa, the Nile and across the Red Sea produced two different developed receptors groups for religion.