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  • Jesus Miracles can be divided to several categories, from creation and transformation of matter, control of physical matter, control of nature, raising the dead, healing the sick, and creating human matter.  

    Creation and transformation of matter

    Water to wine at wedding in Cana

    Healing the Sick

    Cures leper

    Cures a woman with a haemorrhage

    Heals a man who suffered from dropsy

    Cures ten lepers

    Heals blind Bartimaeus and another near Jericho

    Cures the servant of a centurion

    Cures the son of a nobleman at Capernaum

    Cures Peter`s mother-in-law from fever

    Heals a man with a shriveled hand on the sabbath

    Heals a woman who was badly stooped on the sabbath

    Cures a possessed mute and a possessed blind-mute

    Cures a man who had been sick for 38 years at Bethesda pool

    Heals daughter of Canaanite woman

    Cures a paralytic at Capernaum

    Creating Human Matter

    Heals a man born blind

    Heals ear of Malchus

    Creating Physical Matter

    Feed 5000 people

    Jesus feeds four thousand

    Controlling Nature

    Jesus walks on the water

    Calming of the tempest

    Tribute coin in mouth of fish

    The two draughts of fishes

    Raise the Dead

    Raises Lazarus from the dead

    Raises the son of a widow from the dead at Nain

    Controls unclean spirits

    Casts Legion into swine

    Cure a man with an unclean spirit

    Cures a boy possessed with the devil

    And many other miracles...